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  • How long does a microblading take?
    Microblading takes up to two hours. We apply a topical anesthetic and wait 30mins for that to take affect, then we draw in the desired shape and then progress to microblade them in.
  • Is the permanent makeup process painful i.e Microblading or lip blushing.
    At the start of your appointment we apply a topical anesthetic that is left on for 20-30 mins. the anesthetic will block a lot of the pain but this also varies person to person. Generally the procedure is not painful and very much a tolerable process.
  • What is the difference between microblading/ feathering and powder brows/ ombr'e brows?
    Microblading or feathering is a process were we use a small microblade to do hair strokes through the brow to increase the fullness of the brow or to add to the shape, this is the more natural approach and is often undetectable to the human eye and looks just as real as your hair. Ombr'e brows also known as powder brows is the proces done using a tattooing needle that gives you the look of brows that have makeup in them, they dont look natural and have a much more defined look. this is often the look chosen for people that love wearing makeup and are used to that type of definition in their brow. there is also the option to do combination brows which is the two typed combined using the hair strokes at the front of the brow and the powder look in the middle and tail of the brow.
  • How long does microblading or tattoo makeup last for?
    Permanent tattoo can last up to two years or in some cases more, however each person is very different and it is a case to case scenario based on someones particular skin type, people that have dry skin and are fair in complexion will usually find that tattoo last longer on them opposed to people that have oily skin or are darker in complexion, this group of people may find that their tattoo last 9-18 months. please feel free to contact me and i can give you a more customized answer based on your skin type.
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